Entrepreneurship: It Ain’t Easy But It’s Worth It

This weekend I posted a rant on my Facebook page about how F%&*# up it is that a blockchain company, that is still in idea stage, raised $12.5 million in 12 minutes resulting in a market cap of almost $300 million. By the way, it has generated no revenue and most people have no idea what it is.

Oprah Side Eye

The point is that women of color entrepreneurs (both tech and small business) continue to face serious obstacles raising money – from within Silicon Valley and from traditional sources – like banks. We have more to risk, more unnecessary hurdles, and less support BUT what we do have is RESILIENCE and COMMUNITY.

Entrepreneurship is no joke as it is, but being a women of color entrepreneur verges on insanity.

The numbers are on our side – the nation is becoming more diverse by the minute, young people of color are power influencers and the workforce is almost half women. Collectively we have massive consumer power and we should be leading innovation into the next century.

We must harness this moment to situate ourselves and our companies out in front, to lead. We must take calculated risks and become the entrepreneurs and leaders of our generation!


Were is our Mark Zuckerberg? Where is our Sheryl Sandberg? Where is our VC on Sandhill Road?

We can’t wait for someone else, it’s our time. Everyday, I wake up and hustle because I am motivated by the power to be the master of my own destiny and to build something that can potentially impact millions of people.


Entrepreneurship is a core piece of building long-term wealth and understanding finances is key to that journey so we are excited about launching a new campaign #BossUp focused on the intersections of #finance #entrepreneurship and #tech. We will be offering content, tools and events with a kickass set of partners. Stay Tuned this week for our official kick-off.