10 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

If you are expecting a refund this tax season, consider these sixteen tips for using it wisely:

  1. Pay down credit card debt. Start with the card with the highest interest rate. Or pay off the whole amount!
  2. Pay off student loans. Lump sums toward you student loans can save tons in interest down the line.
  3. Build up an emergency fund. Whether it’s your first $1000 in savings or building towards 3 to 6 months in living expenses, a refund deposit is a nice start.
  4. Invest in a retirement plan. Put simply, saving for retirement is the best path toward long-term financial stability.
  5. Invest in an idea. Start your own small business, invest in a hobby or a friend’s endeavor on a crowdfunding campaign.
  6. Be good to your car. Use your refund to fund expensive, but necessary, repairs to your car.
  7. Support a worthy cause. Donate funds to an organization that can positively impact your community and beyond.
  8. Travel. Explore! Take a trip to a new city in the US or find a deal on an international flight.
  9. Experience something new. Do something you never would normally do like skydiving or race car driving for a day.
  10. Take a class or workshop. Want a promotion this year or looking to change jobs? Pick a new skill that you can list on your resume.

The possibilities are endless but always remember to budget and plan!