5 Interesting Careers for Business Majors


Pursuing a business degree and trying to decide what to do with it? The good news is that a business degree is one of the few degrees that offer a wide range of career opportunities.

Too often, students are convinced they must work for a bank or financial institution and don’t realize there are other options. If you have the kind of personality that thrives outside the office cubicle, then take a look at just a few of the amazing and exciting careers you can have with a business degree in hand.

These core transferable skills – if harnessed properly – will allow you to pursue your dream job. While each of us has our own definition of a “dream job,” (think flexibility, traveling abroad, working with celebrities), we want to highlight some under-the-radar job titles that are a good match for business majors.


  • This first one’s for the Fashionistas. Do you absolutely love fashion and are in heaven in the garment district? Interested in learning what it takes to get a job where the perks include designer fashion? Well, it doesn’t hurt if you attended the Fashion Institute. But these days, fashion is much more about business and marketing than design. Each of these job titles requires an understanding of marketing, operations, negotiation and business development. Careers in fashion are notoriously hard to land, so keep your eye out for internships and other strategic opportunities.


  • We all know that marketing is an essential part of any business career, but jobs in marketing can run the gamut from entry-level cold calling to a seasoned Global Brand Leader. To score a position as a Global Brand Leader you will need deep industry experience. For example, to be a GBL with a major cosmetics brand, you might start out as a marketing assistant with a smaller company and work your way up. Brand leaders generally have at least 6 years of experience in a specific industry. Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and climb your way to the top.


  • Who doesn’t want to work with the rich and famous? As you may guess, those who can afford it demand gold-star treatment. The person who handles VIPs with a high net worth usually has the title of Director or Account Manager of VIP Services. VIP Service positions in the hospitality industry can be quite lucrative. These job titles are clustered in the hotel/resort and sports sectors and also require you to move vertically up the ladder, unless you have a full rolodex of high-net-worth friends. Connections are key to success in this line of work, so get out there and start networking.




  • Love the food at your local chain restaurant or big-brand grocer? Chain restaurants and grocers are big business and they have a wide variety of well-paying jobs for business degree grads in the Purchasing and Supply Chain field. These types of jobs require strong communication and operations skills. As a purchaser, you help drive key financial decisions and ensure brand quality. Someone who is detail-oriented and gets a kick out of creating systems would be a good candidate.


  • Of course, we can’t leave out the growing demand for Hispanic and Diversity professionals. As the country becomes more diverse, companies are growing their VP positions in this area. Fortune 500 companies from all industries and sectors are vying for Latino dollars. Hispanic Marketing and Diversity campaign positions are perfect for someone who understands business development and can authentically connect to diverse markets. As a community liaison, you will have the opportunity to build trusted relationships and identify innovative ways to connect Hispanic consumers with a specific brand.

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