Sharree - Staff Writer


So you’ve just graduated and now you’re wondering how in the world you’ll be able to pay off your student loans. Loans are enough of a hassle on their own, but add them to your other bills and things get overwhelming very quickly.

But fear not! Here are a some quick tips to ensure you make those monthly loan payments:


  • Know how much you make every week and month after taxes. This will help you develop an accurate budget.



  • Find the cheapest livable place to live! The difference between paying $700 and $850 may seem negligible at first, but over a year’s time, that would be an $1,800 you’ve spent that could’ve gone toward your loans.

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  • Live with someone else. Find a roommate or two to split rent and utilities or move home. Don’t be ashamed about living at home to save up for your own place either. The best arrangement for returning home after graduating is to set a deadline to afford and find a place of your own.


  • Reduce your monthly recurring expenses. Have a standing nail appointment? Subscribe to every streaming service? Have a gym membership you don’t use? Cancel them all! Between what you can do yourself, sharing with a friend, or inexpensive apps, you can still have what you want for a lot less.

  • Eat at home (and it doesn’t have to been ramen). Even expensive groceries are often a better deal than eating out too much!


  • Make some extra cash. It’s never a bad idea to have more than one stream of income. Babysitting on the side, doing hair and makeup for local events, fixing computers, selling crafts on etsy — any of these gigs could help you maintain or even elevate your lifestyle. And who knows? a side gig could even turn into a full-time job.


The bottom line here? Plan ahead and hold yourself accountable. You can do this!


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