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Confused About Your 401(K)? No Worries, We Got You.

GROW Previously Published on Vivala The first day of a new job is overwhelming and full of paperwork and decisions. Among those decisions is the option to join your company’s 401(k) plan. Most people just sign the bulk of documents and feel grateful that they are doing the right thing investing for retirement. The problem […]

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Instantly Start Spending Less and Saving More

No matter how much you make, you should always be saving. Building a strong savings account may help you prepare for an emergency expense, plan for an amazing vacation with friends, or save for a huge life event like a wedding or buying a house. There are two ways to really save: reduce expenses or […]

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Let’s admit it, chances are you have some amount of debt if you are reading this. That’s a great sign that you are aware and engaged in your financial health. You may even be ready to take steps to minimize your debts and learn how to make positive financial choices and strengthen your financial foundation. […]

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So You Blew Your Vacation Budget, Now What?

It’s summertime and for many of us that means vacation! Whether it’s amusement parks with the kids, a cross-country road trip, a caribbean resort with the friends, or that long-awaited eurotrip with your love, it’s prime vacation time and we all deserve as many getaways as possible.   Of course, being savvy and responsible you went […]

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Youth has its advantages, but a guarantee against the unpredictable is not one of them. While millennials are now the the most educated generation in the US, we still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to #adulting. Let’s be honest, we still lose our phones, need help figuring out what to […]

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7 Money Habits to Ditch Now

Now that you’re an, ahem, “adult” you need to start getting your finances in order STAT. Don’t wait until your thirties to start watching your bottom line. Believe us when we say, making a budget now can make all the difference in 10 to 20 years. So avoid these seven pitfalls and picture yourself riding […]

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My Money My Future Founder interviewed by Ellevate Network


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Launch Events – NYC, Los Angeles & San Francisco

  It’s Finally Here and You’re Invited! NYC Launch Party for the launch of My Money My Future Personal Finance Platform (In Los Angeles or San Francisco, we are coming to you soon!) Join our team and supporters in celebrating our launch! Demo, Music, Food and Door Prizes! Space is limited! If you cannot attend […]

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Ella quiere hacer facil sus finanzas

Por Ana B. Nieto / Mi Diario Cuando se pregunta a Ramona Ortega cómo empezó a verse como una empresaria y cómo ha aprendido, rápidamente contesta que siendo organizadora comunitaria desde pequeña. Es algo que vio en su casa, empezando por su abuela, que trabajaba en los campos de Napa (California) y formó parte de […]

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Ramona Ortega Speaks About What Inspired Her to Launch a Fintech Startup

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#AskMeMás About Money & Personal Finance

Just a few months ago, Media Matters published a report that revealed, to no ones surprise….that news shows on U.S. media (both in English and in Spanish) brought on Latinos to talk about “single issue” topics like immigration.   I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of Latinas/os that know a whole lot about […]

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