How To Slay Black Friday Deals Without Breaking The Bank

It’s that time of year whether you like it or not. It’s time to think about being grateful for everything you have while plotting gifts for yourself, family, and friends. For many this is an exciting time to get a deal and for others, it’s an overwhelming task that should be avoided at all costs. Wherever you are on the spectrum, should you choose to engage in the shopping frenzy, keeping your budget and goals in mind should be top of mind. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. aren’t just about racking up on deals, but also an opportunity to save instead of spending more down the line.


To start preparing for Black Friday you’ll need to do the following:

Budget – Remember the budget and goals I just mentioned. Map those out for the entire holiday season. Who do you need to buy gifts for? What’s your budget to buy gifts for yourself? How much can you spend on gifts without compromising your savings and investment goals?

Research – Deals aren’t just for electronics, there may be things you need that you haven’t thought about for awhile. Do you need extra sheets or pillows when guests visit? Do you need a crockpot to save money on food? Make a list of things you need and see if they are going on sale. That way, you can keep yourself accountable to buying what you need and not getting distracted by everything else.

Shop Online – If you’re worried about getting too excited about deals outside of your plan, shop online and only purchase what’s on your list. This option also saves you a lot of time so you can spend more time with friends and family. Or, of course, you can make shopping a bonding activity!  

More than likely, you knew all of the above. So just don’t forget to apply what you already know, now, before the rush of ads hit your email and social media feeds. Planning ahead gives you confidence while shopping because you already know what you can afford and can make it easier to say no last minute deals. The last feeling you want to feel the day after Thanksgiving is regret!