Instantly Start Spending Less and Saving More

Sharree - Staff WriterNo matter how much you make, you should always be saving. Building a strong savings account may help you prepare for an emergency expense, plan for an amazing vacation with friends, or save for a huge life event like a wedding or buying a house. There are two ways to really save: reduce expenses or increase the amount of money coming in. It’s usually easier to cut spending than to spend extra time trying to earn more cash. With that said, here are ideas that can help you spend less so you can save big time!


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  • Delete apps on your phone that make it too easy to order to delivery. There is nothing more evil that the ‘previously ordered’ option on all those food delivery apps, and by eliminating the option altogether, you’ll save cash and maybe some empty calories by going home to cook a meal instead. Soon, you won’t even miss the magic of having food delivered the second you arrive home. (‘soon’ being super relative here)


  • Make a grocery list before shopping, and do not enter the store when you’re starving. Either situation makes it more likely that your cart will be filled with impulse purchases. You’ll get home and wonder why you bought a giant bag of cookies instead of ingredients for next week’s lunch.



  • Buy used. Unless you’re settled, there’s really no need to have super expensive dishware, furniture, etc. Shopping at Target, T.J Maxx is fun, but scouting thrift/ consignment stores is even better on your wallet. You can hunt for cool items and feel great about the price.


  • If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, lonely, figure out why and take (less expensive) steps to feel better. Instead of soothing yourself with takeout or some retail therapy, go for a walk or run. Both are great ways to release tension, clear your mind, and feel happier thanks to those post-workout endorphins!



  • For the ladies! Don’t forget that beauty schools offer a wide array of services at very discounted prices. Next time you’re thinking about getting a mani/pedi, research a beauty school near you.


  • Host potluck or B.Y.O.B. get-togethers. For example, without Labor Day is fast approaching, you can supply just the basic necessities and spend time with your friends without spending too much.


Pick a few of your favorite ideas to get started and remember to still set aside a fixed amount every paycheck. You’ll be well on your way to building a savings account before you know it! (Just don’t touch it until you need it:)


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