Personal Finance Skills You MUST Have Before Turning 30

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Ramona - CEO:Senior Writer

We all know that our 20s are messy and we spend our 30s getting our lives together but there are some things that you should start working on earlier than later. While I don’t have the answers to making your 20s better, I do have a set of key financial milestones that you should meet by the time you reach 30 so you can be financially healthy.



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Set financial goals and get on a budget


Financial goals are important at each stage in life. In your 20s and 30s your goals should focus on paying off student loans and preparing to make a big purchase, like a home. Using life events to structure your financial goals is a good way to stay focused. We all know that budgeting it good for us but few of us actually do it. The good news is that it isn’t that hard, I promise!

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Get on a student debt plan

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If you were lucky enough to get out of undergrad debt free or with less than $10K in school debt then good for you!

  • If your school loan debt if fairly low, strategize a way to pay it off before you reach 30, that is $1000 a year, or $83, a month.

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