Save Money By Figuring Out Your Travel Style

RacquelBlogPicTraveling, more often than not, leads to some sort of rewarding life experience. Whether it’s the trip of your life, or it rained and you had food poisoning the entire time, chances are that when you leave your home town, state, or country you will you learn something new about a culture separate from your own, and discover new things about yourself as well.


Some people have no interest in travel, which is more than fine. However, wanting to travel but never doing it merely because you think that money is a great barrier, is probably a misjudgment. Yes, plane tickets and hotels can be expensive, but if you make traveling a priority, and do a little bit of planning, you can find yourself in beautiful, interesting places and learn lessons you otherwise may not.


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First off though, you need to figure out what kind of traveler you are.


When I go to a place I’ve never been, domestically or internationally, I’m there to observe how people live their lives in this new place. I want to meander through the streets, I want to grapple with their transportation systems, eat at small restaurants, speak their language (probably terribly), and enjoy conversations with tourists and locals alike, because what a miracle that we’re sharing the same space in that specific moment?!



I know many people however who do not share my overly sentimental, stripped down approach to travel. They want to go to museums, visit landmarks, go zip-lining through the jungle, party all night, lay on the beach, or relax at a local spa.


You have decide what kind of experience you want, and spend accordingly. If you don’t care about dining out, then get your fuel from cheaper, chain or local restaurants, and spend the extra cash on train tickets to some ancient ruins. If you aren’t picky about hotels, then book a hostel or motel and save your money for that expensive meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Figuring out what kind of experience will be most fulfilling to you, and not feeling pressured to travel a certain way or spend money just because a place heavily visited or highly recommended is very important. Traveling doesn’t have to be all or nothing, you can decide exactly what you want to do and how you want to spend your time and money. If you do that, you’ll probably save money, and if you do end up going over budget you’ll have fully enjoyed the experience that you carved our for yourself and no one else — so either way, you win.


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